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"Giving individuals and leaders the coaching, support and guidance they need in helping them create the lives and businesses they truly desire gives me a deep sense of satisfaction. Celebrating with clients when they accomplish their dreams lights me up and I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to coach my clients on their journey." ~Debra

Board Certified* Master Coach, Debra Russell and author of the book, I Almost Missed My Life... Don't Miss Yours: 52 Secrets to More Success, Fun and Fulfillment has 30+ years in the field of personal and business development. She coaches individuals, executives and business owners.

Debra uses what she calls her "rich and colorful history' as personal inspiration to coach, support and challenge others to live the life and create the work or business they truly desire.  In spite of a very difficult childhood in Mississippi, jumping out of the frying pan into the fire with three marriages by the age of 22, and raising her two children on her own, Debra persevered.  After 12 years as a hairstylist, this single mom and former welfare recipient finally decided to change her life and she’s been on a fascinating and wonderful adventure ever since!

Her broad and varied background gives her a unique tool box for coaching people from all walks of life and in a variety of businesses. In her early 30’s, Debra became committed to 

learning and applying personal and business development philosophies and techniques. She immediately began making changes and within one year she had turned around her personal life and doubled her income as a hairstylist. Within four years of embarking on this new journey, she had attained a coveted position as Head Trainer and General Manager of the multi-million dollar training organization, Robbins Research International, Inc.

Debra has coached clients in 11 countries and traveled to The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, England, Australia, Malaysia, China, and South America delivering keynotes and conducting seminars in personal empowerment, developing talents and strengths, leadership, strategic planning, time management, communication, sales, team development and more.

Currently, Debra lives in Westlake Village, CA. In addition to her private coaching practice, she is a Master/Platinum Coach/Business Results Trainer for the Tony Robbins Companies. 

* Board Certified Coaches
 have gone through extensive training and passed the (BCCE) Examination, obtained experience in the field of coaching, have professional peer references and accountability to an enforceable ethics code, and a commitment to continuing education all to be among an elite group of coaches.

The field of coaching is varied, with professionals specializing in helping their clients improve skills that include finding or transitioning to new careers, business leadership, focusing on better health and wellness, developing more productive interpersonal relationships, and successfully coping with life’s many challenges, among other concerns.