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Are you taking a STRENGTHS approach to your life and business?

For Individuals

Discovering and maximizing your natural talents and  strengths is massively important in creating success and more importantly, fulfillment in your life. It's also the foundation for supporting others in doing the same!


In sports everyone knows you put players in positions that take advantage of their natural talents and strengths. It's time to  take the same approach in business and put people in positions aligned with their strengths.

For Coaches

Incorporating a strengths focus into your coaching practice expands every aspect of the coaching experience. Regardless of what your clients came for — business or personal, using strengths will make a significant difference.

Beware of this DAMAGING FALLACY...

To really get ahead in life you have to find and fix your weaknesses. 

Try telling that to Richard Branson, who didn't get where he is by "curing" his dyslexia. For example, he uses his natural ability to listen and to provide visuals to understand a campaign’s core message quickly. Then he leverages that talent to build a vision that inspires and engages people.

Teachers, parents, peers, managers and yes, even yourself can knowingly or unknowingly guide you away from the very capabilities that will make you productive and happy for the rest of your life.

Forget that old B.S. (Belief System) because a focus on finding and fixing weaknesses can leave your strengths to wither and die.

The Truth Is...

Focusing on knowing and mastering talents and strengths allows you the freedom to grow by leaps and bounds, to live the life you are destined to live!

It's never too late to uncover, nurture, develop and maximize the hidden talents that will give you the greatest opportunities to succeed in life, career and relationships. Taking a strengths approach also offers you the greatest opportunity to build powerhouse teams or to help others reach their true potential.

It's a joyously simple path to success!

“Too many people overvalue what they are not,
and undervalue what they are.” 
~Malcolm Forbes

Discover and Maximize YOUR Natural Talents and Strengths and Those of Your Team

Debra Russell, Master Coach

Board Certified Coach, Debra Russellhas spent the last 30+ years coaching, consulting, speaking, and conducting trainings all over the world with people from all walks of life. She’s devoted to helping people live the lives they truly desire – both personally and professionally.

Tony Robbins says, "Debra is a person of great depth and knowledge...

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