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Beware of this DAMAGING FALLACY... to get ahead in life we have to identify and fix our weaknesses. 

Try telling that to Richard Branson who didn't get where he is by "curing" his dyslexia. For example, he uses his natural ability to listen and to provide visuals to understand a campaign’s core message quickly. Then he leverages that talent to build a vision that inspires and engages people.

Forget that old B.S. (Belief System) about fixing weaknesses because it causes a lack of confidence, mediocrity, frustration, and decreased motivation.  

The Truth Is...

Your greatest opportunity to succeed in life, career and relationships... your greatest opportunity to build a powerhouse team or to help others reach their greatest potential is through knowing, growing and supercharging the natural talents and strengths of yourself and others!

STUDIES SHOW that people who take a
Strengths Approach to Life, Relationships and Work
  • Experience Faster Growth and Development
  • Have higher levels of confidence and self-belief
  • Are up to 6 times more engaged in their work
  • Experience lower levels of stress and overwhelm
  • Are healthier and have higher levels of energy
  • Report having an overall excellent quality of life   

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Board Certified Coach, Debra Russellhas spent the last 30+ years coaching, consulting, speaking, and conducting trainings all over the world with people from all walks of life. She’s devoted to helping people live the lives they truly desire – both personally and professionally.

Tony Robbins says, "Debra is a person of great depth and knowledge...

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