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Is taking the STRENGTHS Path right for your life,
relationships, career and business?

Do you have a desire to experience faster growth and development toward maximizing your potential?
• Would having greater self-confidence and self-esteem make a positive difference in your life and career?
• Is feeling healthier and having more energy essential to you? 
Would you like to be more effective at handling stress personally and professionally?
• Do you hunger to feel a significantly higher satisfaction in your job/career?


Research shows that people who know and regularly use their personal strengths experience all of the above at a much higher level than the average person.

Are you a Manager or Coach? If so, how would it impact your business
to have your team or clients experience the above benefits?

The 21-Days to SUPERCHARGE Your Strengths Course! 

Each session offers a short video with Master Coach, Debra Russell, along with a powerful assignment designed to insure you make real progress.  


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KNOW Your Strengths
Week One: Days 1 - 7

• Ignite Your Future
• Clues to Your Strengths
• Put on Your Strengths Glasses
• Re-Live Your Successes
• My Best Self—Identity
• The Strengths 80/20 Rule
• Review, Insights & Celebration

GROW Your Strengths
Week Two: Days 8 - 14

• Take Charge of Your Strengths
• What to Continue, Stop & Start
• What to Dial Up & Dial Down
• Develop Your Skills
• Talent Is Overrated
• Reshape Your Life
• Review, Insights & Celebration

Week Three: Days 15-21

• Supercharge Your Beliefs
• Mission—The Driver of Strengths
• Align Your Goals
• Develop Your Personal Brand
• Supercharge through Teaching
• Power Up Your Resources
• Review, Insights & Celebration

"Debra has helped me make life a heck of a lot easier by shining a light on ways to work with my nature, rather an against it."

Chelsea Dinsmore
Chief of Community Empowerment,

"This is one of the best courses I’ve experienced on how to dramatically improve your life by building on your strengths."

Robert Stuberg
Author of Discovering Your Life's Purpose

"I recently completed Debra’s 21 Days to Supercharge Your Strengths course and found it incredibly helpful in my journey to spend more time doing the things I love at work and in my personal life! If you want to dive deep, create SMART goals to improve your strengths, and become a STRENGTHS HERO, this course is a must for you!"

Carolyn Klein

"I'm enjoying life so much more — Thank you Debra!"

Linda Proud

Why I Created This Course for You...

I’ve been in the field of personal and business development for over thirty years and I am so excited to share with you the one tool, the one technique, the one approach I believe is a joyously simple path to having you go to entirely new levels of success and fulfillment in your life, relationships and career. 

After almost 20 years in a field I loved and still love, something strange happened to me. Somewhere along the line I had gotten sucked into the idea that my greatest opportunities for continued growth and greater success were through fixing my weaknesses.

As time went on I began to feel less confident, less excited and less motivated. I had started out very strong as the Director of Training at one of the largest and most influential personal development companies in the world and after several promotions, I was having to drag myself to work for the first time in my life! 

Despite all the effort I genuinely invested into fixing my weaknesses, I wasn’t making any significant improvement in those areas. It was a journey back as I discovered and applied the power of taking a strengths approach  to my work and my life. I’ll be forever grateful I was able to shift my focus and direct my continued growth in alignment with my natural talents and strengths.

And best of all…now I have the honor to help YOU excel and become the greatest version of yourself while inspiring you to do the same for your family/friends, co-workers, employees and others!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will gain immediate access to the entire 21 days when you enroll. Each lesson includes a short video with Debra (4-6 minutes) and then an assignment for you to complete prior to the next day's lesson. It's fun and energizing to delve into your talents and strengths!

You can take as long as you want or need to complete the course. You are encouraged to gain the momentum of moving through it in a shorter vs. longer period of time, however, it is completely up to you.

Yes, the course is formatted to allow you to access it on all of your devices.

Yes! You will have access to all of the videos and assignments as soon as you complete your enrollment.

There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee for this course. While we are quite certain you will get significantly greater value from this course than the monetary investment, you have 60-days from your purchase date to request a refund which will be promptly provided. That gives you time to go through the entire course 2 or 3 times and if you really feel you haven't received value, send an email to [email protected] and you'll get full refund!

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I'm ready to SUPERCHARGE My Strengths and to take my life, my relationships and my business to entirely new heights of SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT!

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