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Circles of Influence


Sunday, March 15, 2020 is unique. What's going on in the world right now means something different to each person. The two questions below or versions of them are running through most people's minds... 

1) What does this mean?


2) What should I do? 

The Circles of Influence Video will help you answer those questions. It's something I recorded a few years ago and I'm sharing it today in the hopes that it will help someone (hopefully many people) better navigate this moment in time. I regularly refer to the four circles in my own life and I help bring clients back to them whenever they are feeling one of two general categories of emotion... 1) frustrated, angry, irritated, etc. or 2) fearful, sad, depressed, hopeless, etc.

The antidote to either of those categories of emotion is to... do whatever it takes to pull yourself back into the center two circles. Those outside circles, especially during crisis times, can be a powerful draw that can take a person or organization down.

Be stronger and put 95% of your focus, energy and actions in Control and Direct Influence with a sprinkling of Minimal Influence where is has the potential to help.

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